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Thinking for a Change 5.0

Things to add to this page:

  • My Class Resources
    • My Class Membership
    • Student Progress (gradebook)
    • Student Submissions for review'
    • Set Deadlines
  • Student Management
    • Notes to students
    • Private Notes
    • add/remove students
    • Attendance Tracking
    • Feature?: How to auto-deploy deadlines for a course (assume students will have pre-established deadlines based on when a course begins, how can we help a facilitator know when those deadlines should be and help them add the events to the class calendar? How to auto-delete these event content entities after 1 year.
  • Facilitator Resources
    • Lessons (English, Spanish, pdf)
    • QR codes to audios
    • Full curriculum download
  • Move application forms to other page

Recommendations for Thinking for a Change Groups during the COVID-19 Pandemic

About the Curriculum

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