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We’ve come a long way since Steve Swisher invited the three of us to meet him for lunch in Longmont Colorado, challenging us to integrate our various approaches to change offender behavior into a program that would benefit offenders in the Justice System. If it were not for his vision and the support of the National Institute of Corrections for underwriting this effort, Thinking for A Change would never have been designed and developed.

In reality, it was the many NIC Correctional Program Specialists who have contributed to the program’s development and dissemination. We wish to thank NIC staff for their significant contributions to our effort, to our own development, as the three of us arduously discussed our different theoretical and philosophical reference points.

Beyond Steve Swisher who turned his vision and our ideas and concepts into an effective, outcome based, cognitive behavioral intervention; is a cadre of trainers and colleagues who brought new perspectives to a work in progress. The current revision, version 4.0, reflects the significant contributions of Michael Guevara, Holly Busby, Joseph Hose, Billy Mathews, and Wyne Cler. To these individuals and so many others who have contacted each of us with their thoughts, feelings and beliefs about our efforts and contributed to our own thinking, we are greatly indebted.

Jack Bush, Barry Glick, Juliana Taymans